Exhibitor Manual



This Exhibitor Manual will guide you in order to have a successful participation in The Global Franchise Market 2017. Please download all Mandatory Documents and go through each. It is essential that all exhibitors must know the Contact Information, General Information, and Rules & Regulations of the event.

The Exhibitor Manual contains a checklist of dates for returning the required forms. To ensure that the services required could be provided with the maximum ease, these forms must be submitted on, or before the deadline specified.


Contact Information
General Information
Rules & Regulations
Contractor Badge Policy
Contractor Badge Collection Point


Please download the Forms below as per exhibitor requirements. It is mandatory that Catering Disclaimer Form must be submitted by all Exhibitors who will provide edible sampling in the event. High Risk Equipment Approval Form is mandatory as well for all exhibitors who will bring in vehicle, equipment wielding heat / cold, and any heavy equipment.

Form #



1.A BIGDOT Design Briefing Form 15-Aug-17
1.B Raw Space Guidelines N/A
1 – 5 Space-Only Stand Forms 30-Jul-17
6 Advertising Form 13-Aug-17
7 Furniture Order Form 1-Oct-17
8 Electrical Order Form 1-Oct-17
9 Audio-Visual Order Form 1-Oct-17
10 Shipping & Freight Service Form 1-Oct-17
11 Data & Telecom Services Form 28-Sep-17
12 Stand Catering Order Form 28-Sep-17
13 Stand Cleaning Order Form 28-Sep-17
14 Stand Security Coverage Form 28-Sep-17
15 Rigging Form 28-Sep-17
16 Catering Disclaimer Form 24-Sep-17
17 High Risk Equipment Approval Form 24-Sep-17
18 Raffle Draw Application Form 28-Sep-17


Please reach the organizers, if you have any question.


Actually we are very surprised, in this exhibition we see a lot of companies who are very interesting and excited in our products. When we came to this exhibition we see a lot if franchisees, a lot of visitors came here to get this franchise – when we display our food many people come and asked about the franchise, asking for a whole sale


Amgad Ali, COO


Honestly I find it excellent as the matter of fact being as the 1st time with that kind of crowd the organizers did a great job and I really like it and I’m expecting that this TGFM will grow and grow with the coming years and I’m sure next year this size will be double


Jassim Al Bastaki, CEO


We can find a lot of costumers here in TGFM who are willing to open a new restaurant, everybody needs good interior design, branding design as part of their good advertisement.

TGFM is pretty much fine there’s a lot of visitors and they are interested in our services.


Aleksandre Jovanovic,

The Seven