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Stand Packages

Exhibition sales is now open! Book your space now to take advantage of the best locations.

This is the best sales and marketing opportunity to expand your business in the region, and the most effective face-to-face interaction with key visitors and buyers.

Notes and Conditions

  • Stands are allocated on a first-come-first-served on receipt of a signed contract and payment.

  • Shell Scheme Stand: includes one table, two chairs, carpet, 3 spotlights, 1 socket, fascia name and wall panels per stand (9sqm).

  • Space Only Stand offer space only – no carpet, walling, sockets, lighting or furniture – all of which must be arranged by and at the expense of the exhibitor.

  • Full terms and conditions are found on Page 2 of the exhibition contract.

Stand Packages

Shell Scheme stands will include:

  • (per 9sqm) 1 table

  • 2 chairs

  • 3 spotlights

  • 1 electric socket

  • Carpet

  • Fascia name

Space Francorp Clients / Affiliates New Exhibitors
9 sqm AED 12,600 AED 16,650
18 sqm AED 25,200 AED 33,300
27 sqm AED 37,800 AED 49,950
36 sqm AED 50,400 AED 66,600