About Us

About Us

The Global Franchise Market is the result of joining forces between leading international franchising experts and one of the most well established conference and exhibitions organizers in the region. With so many options for franchising exhibitions in the region, and after a thorough market analysis, we discovered that there was no one place where professionals from all walks of the industry could congregate to LEARN about industry trends and strategies, CONNECT on an intimate level with educators, other professionals, potential clients and colleagues and have access to opportunities to GROW their businesses, expand their reach and successfully thrive in the region and beyond.

TGFM provides the perfect platform for face-to-face interaction with every type of profile in the franchising industry, whether you’re a business owner, investor, service provider or employee, TGFM makes it possible for you to utilize the knowledge, experience and know-how of others to propel your business and yourself towards a successful future in franchising.



TGFM is the connection platform for franchising in the MENA region, offering the opportunity for franchisors, franchisees, suppliers and information-seeking individuals to LEARN more about the current industry and trends, CONNECT with one another on a personal and professional level and to GROW within the franchising realm.


TGFM’s vision is to be the benchmark franchise industry event in the MENA region and worldwide, through bringing together top industry professionals to promote, educate on and strengthen the franchising culture.


The key to a successful franchise operation is combining the right franchisee with the right franchisor. The main objective of TGFM’s exhibition is to ensure that anyone interested in a franchise opportunity have the proper information that they need to make the best decision to build a successful business. This results in franchisors taking on the RIGHT franchisee and ensures long-term success for both parties.



TGFM is a very good opportunity to advertise our company and to have some restaurants and people who are interested in our services.

TGFM is very nice and I saw there’s a lot of people coming.


Tarek Nouha, General Manager

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Honestly I find it excellent as the matter of fact being as the 1st time with that kind of crowd the organizers did a great job and I really like it and I’m expecting that this TGFM will grow and grow with the coming years and I’m sure next year this size will be double


Jassim Al Bastaki, CEO


Actually we are very surprised, in this exhibition we see a lot of companies who are very interesting and excited in our products. When we came to this exhibition we see a lot if franchisees, a lot of visitors came here to get this franchise – when we display our food many people come and asked about the franchise, asking for a whole sale


Amgad Ali, COO