Exhibitor Manual



The Global Franchise Market Exhibitor Manual ensures the ease of logistics and operations during the event, starting from the Contractor Build-up Days to Tear-Down Days. Please make sure to go through all the forms and review thoroughly.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Organisers at operations@globalfranchisemarket.com, if you have any questions.


If you require further assistance, please contact TGFM 2019 Team:

For Exhibition Space Queries:
Wissam Ezzeddine

Business Development Manager
+971 4 520 8861

For Logistics and Stand Requirements:
Mary-Ann Rubio

Project Manager
+971 4 520 8862


I found the 1st edition of The Global Franchise Market great I met so many awesome contacts and I’m excited to go back to states and start working out some stories on some brands that I’ve never heard before so it’s great getting involved on different people around the world


Cherryh Cansler, Managing Editor

New Media Group

TGFM It’s nice a lot of people are coming all over the world.


Murat Tütüncü, Managing Partner


Honestly I find it excellent as the matter of fact being as the 1st time with that kind of crowd the organizers did a great job and I really like it and I’m expecting that this TGFM will grow and grow with the coming years and I’m sure next year this size will be double


Jassim Al Bastaki, CEO