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Stand Packages

Stand Packages

Option A

Regular Shell Scheme / Space Only

Regular Shell Scheme / Space Only
Type/Size 9 Sqm 12 Sqm 18 Sqm 36 Sqm
Raw Space
AED 1,750/sqm
AED 31,500 AED 63,000
Shell Scheme
AED 1,850/sqm
AED 16,650 AED 22,200 AED 33,330 AED 66,600
  • Each 9sqm shell scheme stand includes: 1 table, 2 chairs, 3 spotlights, an electric socket, floor carpet, wall panels and the fascia name.

Option B

Turnkey Package

Turnkey Package
Type/Size 6 Sqm 9 Sqm
AED 13,500 AED 19,050
  • Each stand includes: 1 table, 3 chairs, 3 spotlights, lockable counter, an electric socket, floor carpet, graphics printing on wall panels and fascia name.
  • All invoices/transactions will be in AED. Prices are subject to 5% VAT.
  • Disclaimer: Stand images shown are for illustration purpose only
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