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The Global Franchise Market (TGFM) provides the ultimate platform for learning and networking with experts in the field of franchise business. The Global Franchise Market will pit together franchisees and investors who are interested to start up a business, to learn from major players in the industry, and to meet renowned experts; providing small businesses a better chance to grow and succeed.



The Global Franchise Market is strategically located in Dubai, UAE, which is the gateway to the Middle East. Middle East is an emerging market offering better opportunity for growth, since the market is unsaturated comparing with other regions. Middle East connects the East and the West, providing ease of access for both regions.


Visitor’s Quality



How the visitors will benefit

from visiting the event?



Get fresh ideas and learn the latest trends in the industry from other franchise professionals and experts

Entrepreneurs can benefit in meeting the companies needed to start-up their business, all under one roof


Franchisees and franchisors can connect with suppliers and marketers, to select the best service provider available

Study and evaluate the market to surpass your competitors

Visitor Profile



  • Business Operators
  • Business Owner
  • Distributors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Franchisee
  • Government Institutions
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Legal Consultants
  • Investors
  • Licensee
  • Mall Operators
  • Master Franchisee
  • Master Licensee
  • Media
  • Retailers
  • Service Providers


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TGFM is a very good opportunity to advertise our company and to have some restaurants and people who are interested in our services.

TGFM is very nice and I saw there’s a lot of people coming.


Tarek Nouha, General Manager

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Actually we are very surprised, in this exhibition we see a lot of companies who are very interesting and excited in our products. When we came to this exhibition we see a lot if franchisees, a lot of visitors came here to get this franchise – when we display our food many people come and asked about the franchise, asking for a whole sale


Amgad Ali, COO


TGFM It’s nice a lot of people are coming all over the world.


Murat Tütüncü, Managing Partner