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Franchise Business Hub

Franchise Business Hub

Apply to be a QUALIFIED INVESTOR and be part of Franchise Business Hub

Why be part of Franchise Business Hub?

  • To discover new franchise concepts to represent in your country /region.
  • To connect with specific key brands directly relevant for you.
  • To benefit from a time-efficient program with pre-scheduled meetings from targets you have selected.
  • To meet/exchange with your peers through the various networking opportunities in the Franchise Business Hub Lounge.

How to qualify for the Franchise Business Hub?

If you want to apply

You should be operating in either one of the following countries:
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Egypt
  • Rest of Middle East
And interested in following franchise segments:
  • F&B
  • Services
  • Health & Beauty
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Other Service Providers
Your company should be either:
  • Franchisee
  • Master Franchisee
  • Corporate Investor
  • Individual Investor
  • Retailer
  • Real Estate & Malls Developer
Your position is one of the following:
  • CEO – Owner – Individual Investor
  • Procurement, Purchasing Director
  • Investment Director
  • Partner or Associate with decision power
  • Acquisition Director
  • Franchise Development Director

Qualified investors are entitled to:

Note: Qualified foreign investors may be granted with hotel accommodation. Limited number of accommodations are available, please apply at the soonest to be eligible.

  1. Free access to the online platform (pre-scheduled meetings) to request and accept meetings with TGFM brands
  2. Pre-registration to TGFM for fast track entry
  3. Free usage of Franchise Business Lounge during the 2 days event
  4. Exclusive onsite meeting assistance
  5. Complimentary Coffee Breaks
  6. Free parking within the venue
  7. Certificate of Participation
  8. Visa assistance through our travel partner

Investors Application

How it works?

Step 1 – Apply & Qualification

To be part of Franchise Business Hub, please apply by filling the below form, If your application form is eligible for the program, our team will send you an email notifying how to continue with your registration under the Franchise Business Hub

Step 2 – Pre-scheduled meeting agenda

Once your registration process is completed, Franchise Business Hub team will assist you to pre-scheduled your Business Meetings with TGFM exhibitors via the online matchmaking platform, based on your business interests and required brands.

Step 3 – Additional Meetings

Use the online platform pre-event to schedule your business meetings. Choose the Exhibitors you want to meet at the show then arrange a meeting via our intuitive scheduling platform.

Step 4 – Onsite

Arrive onsite, benefit an exclusive access to Franchise Business Hub lounge where you start your business meetings with TGFM Exhibitors and join a world full of business opportunity and unique visiting experience.

For franchise business hub registration, please contact:

Hesham Soliman
Franchise Business Hub Manager
Direct: +971 4 520 8934 | Mob: +971 50 7861 847

For exhibition inquires, please contact:

Wissam Ezzeddine
Business Development Manager
Direct: +971 4 520 8861 | Mob: +971 54 998 9404

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